Наукові конференції України, Друкарство молоде-2020

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A Business Model for Early-stage Micro-level Print Enterprise for Rural Indian Women
N. Alagusundari

Остання редакція: 2020-04-21

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Print industry is one of the oldest trades in human evolution and women empowerment is a perennial issue being addressed for a long time. Women and Print are a good pair in the sense that the creativity, aesthetics and innovation required for excellence in printing, are inherent traits in women. Women in rural India are known for handicrafts and cottage industries but the turnaround time is long. Many printing jobs are characterized by simple and few tasks that consume less time. This paper proposes a business model for such print jobs specifically suited for rural women in India.

Ключові слова

бізнес-модель; мікрорівень; поліграфічне підприємство; сільські індійські жінки

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